All Congress meals will be served at the Portola Dining Commons, located a short walk across Storke Road from Sierra Madre Village in the Santa Catalina residence complex (see west campus map).  The dining room looks out over a large swimming pool.

portola dinning commons

The dining commons offers a wide range of options for each meal and food requirements such as vegetarian, non-gluten and non-dairy are supported. You will select your food choices from different stations such as the salad bar with a large number of creative salad toppings and fresh greens, an area is dedicated exclusively to organic fruits and vegetables, another for fresh soups and hot baked potatoes, plus a grill and specialty items which change daily.

portola fruit

The standard Congress package includes eight meals: dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on both Saturday and Sunday, and breakfast on Monday. The early arrival package for those coming to do set-up or attend the Friday Council meeting will also include dinner on Thursday plus breakfast and lunch on Friday.

If you are not staying on campus and are coming in to Congress just for the day, you can purchase tickets for individual meals at the registration desk.  See the price list for costs per meal.


portola dinning hallAccess to the dining commons is monitored by UCSB. You will need to either show your room key or have a ticket to enter.  There will be other groups staying on campus, in different residence halls, whose meal times will overlap somewhat with our meal times.  Please see the schedule for our meal times.

At check-in, guests will be issued a room key ring with a meal tag attached which will be their pass to eat in the dining commons. Guests are required to hold up their key tag when entering the dining commons, and tell the lobby attendant the name of the conference with which they are affiliated.  Parents will receive a key and meal tag for children aged 4 and older.

For those not staying on campus, individual meal tickets can be purchased at the Congress registration desk.

Guests are asked to take their plates, bowls, glasses, and silverware to the bussing station after their meal. Guests may only enter the dining commons once per meal period.